How my dogs turned me into a vegetarian!

Anyone who's known me a while knows that I was a  non vegetarian who loved grilled chicken and chicken 65 and Chipotle burrito bowls. My dad was a hardcore carnivore who experimented a lot with food and my brother is the same but I was more of a conservative meat eater who preferred to stick... Continue Reading →

No Pizza, Mo problems!

When I went to film school in LA back in 2012, our easy go to meal was pizza - it was cheap, we didn't have to cook and it lasted for a couple of days. Ah to be young and not worry about calories!  One day, during an intense class discussing our scripts, I get... Continue Reading →

AAAAH! We are moving to Colorado!

If you were reading a book, this would be the foreword.. so before you dive into the "exciting" life of an H4 visa wife, here's her story... 3 years ago, I was a lost puppy not knowing if I ever wanted to get married, 2.5 years ago, I met a drunk guy in a bar... Continue Reading →

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